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In this section you can invite friends or colleagues from your work group to access the statistics of your website or websites that you added to your Vantevo account.

You can invite any email address, even people who do not have a Vantevo account.

In order to invite go to "settings/members" and within the field "invitations" enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. Once you have entered an email address, click on "Select Role" in the drop-down menu. You can choose between "Admin" and "Viewer".

  • Admin gets access to the entire statistics dashboard, changes in settings, invite members.

  • Viewer only access to statistics.

Settings domain members invites

Remember that only the owner of a website must necessarily have an active subscription on Vantevo Analytics. The invited members (both Admin and Viewers) do not need a paid subscription, they can access the statistics with a free account. In addition, if you invite a person who does not have a Vantevo account, he/she will register with the same email.

Once an invitation is sent, the person will receive an email informing him/her of the invitation to access your Vantevo dashboard and click accept. Any invitation expires after 48 hours. Once the person accepted the invitation, his email will no longer be part of the pending invitations but will appear in Members, each one with the role assigned by the account owner.

How to remove a role

If you own or admin a website, once you have assigned a role to a member, you can remove it at any time. In the website settings, click Members to view all team members and their assigned roles. Click on the trash icon and the user will be removed.

If you want to transfer ownership of a website to someone else, go to the properties page.