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Get the most out of your experience with Vantevo Analytics.

Discover some features you might use to gather more information from your website.

Contact Form 7 - Wordpress Plugin

A simple example of how you could link the Vantevo script with Contact Form 7, the most popular contact form plugin is more used than Wordpress.

document.addEventListener('wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) {
if (event.detail.contactFormId == '1123') {
vantevo('ContactForm', {})
}, false );


In this case when a visitor clicks on this link the Vantevo script will not save the Outbound Link event. The data-vantevo-exclude-outbound-link tag can be used together with the download tracking tag of outgoing files data-vantevo-exclude-track-file.

<a href="" data-vantevo-exclude-outbound-link>Link</a>


In this case when a visitor clicks on this link the Vantevo script will not save the event File Download. The tag data-vantevo-exclude-track-file can be used together with the tracking of outbound links tag data-vantevo-exclude-outbound-link.

<a href="" data-vantevo-exclude-track-file>File</a>

Javascript - form button submit events

data-vantevo-meta='{"recipes":"italian burger"}'
let buttons = document.querySelectorAll("button[data-vantevo-form]");
for (var i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++) {
buttons[i].addEventListener('click', handleSubmitForm);

function handleSubmitForm(event) {
let evn =;
let attrEventName = evn.getAttribute("data-vantevo-form");
let eventName = attrEventName;
let meta = {};
let attrMeta = evn.getAttribute("data-vantevo-meta");
if (attrMeta) {
meta = JSON.parse(attrMeta)
vantevo(eventName, meta);
setTimeout(function() {;
}, 150);

How to install the vantevo script in mobile applications

This method works for all hybrid applications, for example: Cordova, Ionic, Framework7, Capacitor etc. For native applications you can use our API.

Add a new domain in your dashboard on Vantevo Analytics.

  1. Make sure the script contains the data-param-domain parameter and has the domain added before in your dashboard as value, almost all hybrid applications use the webview in localhost, for this you need to use the data-param-domain.

  2. Authorize your application hostname to collect statistics, see how authorize a domain

  3. Check if in your application you can change the hostname of the app, by default your application hostname could be app://localhost or ionic://localhost. To change the hostname of your application you may need to add the following code in the config.xml file: <preference name="hostname" value="" />, find out more about If your application does not allow you to change the hostname, no problem you can use the default hostname. If the hostname also has a port, example app://localhost: 8080 you need to use the full hostname while also adding the port to authorize your application's hostname.

If your framework uses hashes check if you also need to use the data-param-hash parameter to collect the statistics.

<script defer id="vantevo-analytics"  data-param-domain="" src=""></script>