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How to import your statistics from Google Analytics to Vantevo Analytics

Google Analytics has stated that as of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties.

Because there is no way to import Universal Analytics historical statistics into the new Google Analytics 4, we have created an easy-to-use tool for importing Google Analytics statistics into our system.

How to import your statistics from Google Analytics to Vantevo Analytics.

In just a few quick steps, without complicated Google API setup, you can transport and make GA3 data yours forever inside Vantevo.

  1. Go into the settings of the domain for which you want to import the data
  2. Select the "Information" tab. , "Google Analytics" section , connect your Google Analytics account to Vantevo by clicking the "Continue with Google" button.
  3. Select the View you want to import, enter a start date for the import (you can import data from 01-01-2018) and an end date. If you do not fill in this last field, Vantevo will set it to the day you trigger the procedure for importing data otherwise it will use the end date entered

Limitations in importing data from Google Analytics.

Through the Google API, it is not possible to get all the data in GA. Vantevo imports all Page data in a user-selectable timeframe from January 2018.

Due to an incompatibility between Google Analytics and Vantevo some data may be missing and filters are not available.

How do I view the imported data.

Vantevo is simple to use. After import the imported data is already integrated in the same screen as the data collected by Vantevo.

If, for example, you installed Vantevo and imported GA data on September 1, 2022, any data you see prior to that date is Google Analytics data!

To see old data, simply select the date you are interested in from Vantevo's calendar.


If there are statistics in the selected period that come from both Vantevo and Google Analytics, then you will only see statistics from Vantevo

How can I Delete imported data.

In the information tab, Google Analytics section, you can see a "Delete Data" button.

Also in this section , you can cancel the import at any time or disconnect the Google Analytics account

Google Analytics incompatibility with Vantevo.

Connecting to Google Analytics via the API provided does not give us full access to the database of your collected data. We have tried to bring Google Analytics as close as possible to our system although some data is not identical to your Google Analytics account, such as the number of visitors for each metric.

Read here for more details.

How to disconnect your Google Analytics account.

When the data import from Google Analytics has been successfully completed, there is no longer a need to log into your Google Analytics account.

So if you are satisfied with the appearance of your old Google Analytics statistics in Vantevo Analytics, you can disconnect your Google Analytics account by clicking Disconnect Google Analytics.

If you want, you can also safely delete your Google Analytics account from Google's servers.

So your imported data will remain only in your GDPR-compliant and privacy-friendly Vantevo account.

We refer you to Google`s guide for more details: