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The widget, expressed in the form of an intuitive graphic, shows the screen, browser and operating system (OS) information of your users. It helps you understand the type of device your visitors use most often so you can optimize your website.


Other tabs of the Devices widget are:

  • Device: the types of devices that Vantevo analyzes are 4: desktop, mobile, tablet and Unknown (in the case of "unknown", it means that we have not been able to understand what type of device the user uses).
  • Browser: the software's name that allows you to access the Internet through a search engine, that means a specific user interface, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  • OS: means the operating system used by your users, both desktop and mobile. For example IOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc.
  • Screen Size: the screen size that users use. To understand the exact screen size, refer to the following table:
UHD 5Kwidth > 3840
UHD 4Kwidth > 2560 e width <= 3840
WQHDwidth > 1920 e width <= 2560
Full HDwidth > 1280 e width <= 1920
HDwidth > 1024 e width <= 1280
XLwidth > 800 e width <= 1024
Lwidth > 600 e width <= 800
Mwidth > 415 e width <= 600
Swidth < 415