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Difference between goals and events

Events are a type of data that allows you to track user interactions with your website, for example the click of a button, a pdf download, the login to the website, etc. Learn more about on how to create an event.

The goals allow you to evaluate the extent to which your website achieves what you have set out to do. With the goals you define the actions you want your users to take, namely the conversions that contribute to the success of your business. Among the goals there are: purchasing for e-commerce websites, sending a contact information form (lead generation) and visits to specific pages. With goals like visiting a certain page, submitting a form, etc. Read more about how to create a goal.

The main difference between goals and events is that events must be set as code level on your website. In addition, events are very flexible and can be set to track various actions, from clicking on a button to downloading a pdf. Gaols are used for specific circumstances such as reaching a certain page after sending an email. Events can be selected as a specific target for a goal and therefore can become the decisive action in order to achieve a goal.