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Vantevo is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.

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Why Vantevo?

Compliant with GDPR

When a service is free, you are the real product. With Vantevo we don’t use cookies because our platform is a solution focused on user’s privacy and 100% compliant with GDPR.

Vantevo's goal is exactly the web analytics that you are looking for: to track traffic trends, user behavior and what happens on your website.

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Easy to use

Vantevo is a lightweight analytics tool and you can integrate it into any website and back-end. It was created to offer companies, agencies, developers and individual entrepreneurs a tools with a simple and intuitive user interface, easy to understand, even for the less experienced.

Thanks to a few simple clicks, you are able to check the insights of your website and get all the necessary information about your customers.

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All the key metrics

Vantevo offers you a wide range of features, to have all the key metrics of your website available, at a glance. There are no menu levels, no reports and custom dashboards to create.

With Vantevo you have access to a dashboard where you can view the most important metrics and monitor them at the same time. Plus, you can easily configure your conversion goals and custom events and set up your own strategy for online success.

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The most complete and secure Google Analytics alternative

Does Google Analytics confuse you?

If we talk about web analysis, the first tool is Google Analytics, only because it is the best known by marketers. The downside is that, often, even for the most experienced, it is difficult to correctly interpret the data of a website, because it requires a lot of analytical and even IT skills. Vantevo is the Google Analytics alternative that you were looking for: a website analytics tool with a simpler and more intuitive user interface, easy to understand even for the less experienced because it eliminates all that is not needed.

GDPR compliant, no further worries

In many countries, the legislation on the processing of personal data has become increasingly stringent. If you use Google Analytics for your site, you will know that you must prepare an accurate Cookie Policy, you must show the user a visible banner cookie and above all you will have to block non-exempt cookies, such as those of Google Analytics, before the user gives the consent. With Vantevo you won't have to worry about this because you are not tracking any personal data!

A lightweight script, to ensure the speed of your site

Do you know that Google Analytics can be responsible for the page speed of your website? The Google tag, in fact, has a weight of about 40kb and can affect the page speed of your website. To develop our weighs 3kb, around 12 times lighter than a regular Google Analytics tag and won't add any weight or cause performance issues to your website.

Be the real owner of your data

With Vantevo Analytics, you not only respect the privacy of your visitors, but you are the 100% owner of the website data. The information collected is not shared in any way with advertising companies or sent to third parties or monetised. The data you will collect does not identify trends and behaviors of your users, but they help you understand in a clear and intuitive way how they behave within your site and help you understand how to best set up your digital strategy.

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Event monitoring

Goals monitoring

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Can be integrated with any web platform

100% owner of your data

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Vantevo Analytics

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A set of widgets where you can simultaneously monitor all the most important metrics of your website.

Vantevo Analytics Documentation

Our Vantevo documentation contains all the information for the correct use of our platform. We work hard so that you can quickly and easily find answers to any questions.

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