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Vantevo Analytics gives you the ability to generate and download simple and intuitive reports and share them with your team. In the Report section you have a double choice for the generation of your reports. You can choose to send a weekly report via email that will be automatically generated and sent every Monday, or send a monthly report every month. For example, if you tick the box "Send an email with the weekly report every Monday" a field opens where you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to receive the report. To add a user, type the full email address in the text field and click on save. Once saved, the address will appear at the top of the field.

Once this operation is completed, every week (or every month) an e-mail will be sent to the selected address from where the report will be attached in CSV to download and consult.

If you want to stop the periodic sharing (for example weekly) of reports with one or more email addresses, select the address and delete it from the recipient list. If you want to stop sharing reports with the entire list of recipients, uncheck the "Send an email with the weekly report every Monday" flag directly.

settings domain - create report monthy/weekly