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How many times have you wondered what users actually do on your site?

The pages visited, the time they spend on the site, where they come from ... having access to this data and interpreting it correctly is necessary to ensure that your site is always performing and contains everything your users are looking for, from a product or service to buy, an article to read, a content to download or a form to fill out.

However, it is not always easy to understand what data is important for your digital strategy, because, if you have used Google Analytics so far, you have found yourself faced with a very large amount of data, often not all useful and even misleading if interpreted in a way wrong. Remember that not all metrics are the same, some are more important than others.

Vantevo offers you a wide range of features, to have all the key metrics of your website available at a glance. With no menu levels, custom reports and dashboards to create. You look at the most important metrics in a single dashboard, divided by stats and events, and you can easily configure your conversion goals and custom events.

What are the main metrics that can make a difference for your website? Unique Visitors, Pages Visited, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Average Duration and audience information such as language, geographic origin and configured goals. To learn more about metrics, visit our documentation.

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The most complete and secure Google Analytics alternative

Vantevo is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.

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