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Parameters for advanced measurements on Vantevo Analytics

In order to configure the parameters for advanced measurements, to the Vantevo script that you insert in your website, there is the possibility to add some parameters for the management of some advanced functions such as:

<script defer id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>

Development Mode​


This parameter, used in development mode, simulates a request on your website without sending it. The script will not send the data to the server. Please check the browser console to view the request information.

You can only use this parameter if you are in development mode. If you are in the development mode in localhost, without this tag, you will see the message Ignore hits on localhost in the browser console. Instead, if you add the tag dev the script simulates a send and it writes down the data of the request in the browser console.

<script defer data-param-dev id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>



This parameter should be used at the time you use a proxy server to send requests our server.

<script defer data-param-api="" id="vantevo-analytics"  src="htps://"></script>


This parameter is used to monitor outbound links on your website. With this tag activated, the Vantevo script will automatically send an outbound link event every time a user clicks on an external link.

The collected information is saved on the Events page, event name Outbound Link.

<script defer data-param-outbound-links id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>



This parameter allows you to install the script on a different site than the site saved on Vantevo Analytics. This setting is useful for mobile application or for managing subdomains. All requests will be saved on the domain entered in your dashboard, it could also be used to merge the statistics of 2 / more sites. The domain must be authorized, see section Authorized domains.

<script defer data-param-domain="" id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>

Esclude pages​


With this parameter you can exclude some pages from statistics. Make sure that your page always starts with “/”. For more details see how to exclude a page from statistics.

<script defer data-param-exclude="/about-us, /blog/*, /come-fare-*, /blog/**, blog/*/sushi, /blog/*/*"` id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>

Hash mode​


This parameter allows monitoring based on URL’s hash changes, useful for hybrid applications of Google Chrome extensions.

<script defer data-param-hash` id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>

Manual Pageview​


With this parameter activated, the Vantevo script will not automatically send the pageview event when the page loads, but you will add the code for the page monitoring.

<script defer data-param-manual-pageview` id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>

In this case you have to add this code as well.

window.vantevo = window.vantevo || function() {( = || [])};

The code to send a pageview event

/** or **/
<script>window.vantevo("pageview", {title: "Titolo della pagina se diverso da document.referrer"});</script>

Monitoring the files to download​


It allows you to automatically monitor all the files to download from your website. This consists of a comma-separated list of extensions, such as: zip, mp4, avi, mp3. Each time a user clicks on a link, the script checks if the file extension is present in the list entered in the parameter and sends a file download event with the url value.

The collected information is saved on the Events page with the event name File Download.

<script defer data-param-track-files="zip,mp4,avi,mp3" id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>


This tag allows you to save in event details the name of the file extension as meta_key togheter with the URL for more information about your files to download.

<script defer data-param-track-files="zip,mp4,avi,mp3" data-param-save-extension id="vantevo-analytics" src=""></script>