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In the main dashboard you can view all your websites linked to Vantevo Analytics and, at any time, you can add a domain by clicking on add domain.

By clicking on domain statistics in your dashboard, you get a complete overview of your website data in a simple and intuitive way. The metrics are collected in the form of widgets, which show numerical parameters, tables and graphs. They refer to the selected time filter and, in addition, you find next to each data the comparison with the previous period, shown in %.

All sections are clickable and interactive.

Your website dashboard is organized into two main pages: Pages and Events.


overview statistics

It displays the number of unique visitors, the visited pages, the sessions, the bounce rate and average duration of the visit. For these metrics there is always available a percentage comparison compared to the previous period, in order to make the appropriate assessments of trends.

In the top right you have the option to choose the time interval you want to analyze, among the presets up to the custom time interval. The interval is set to last 30 days by default. By clicking on the number of "current visitors" (defined as those who visited the website in the last 5 minutes) or by selecting in Real time from the options in the top right, you can see what happens real-time on your website.

Unique Visitors​

They are the total number of all unique visitors who entered your website. Vantevo does not use cookies or other types of persistent identifiers, in order to fully respect the privacy of your users. Some practical examples that explain the "Unique Visitors" metric: if a person visits your website from multiple devices or in multiple days, it is counted as a new visitor. If a user enters at 08.00 am, a session is opened and his fingerprint is saved. If the same user enters at 02.00 pm on the same day, it is calculated as a unique visitor, even if he entered your website on the same day, more than once.

Visited Pages​

The total number of pages visited by all visitors of your website..


The total number of unique sessions of all your website’s visitors. Some practical examples that explain the Sessions metric: if on the same day a user enters your website at 08.00 am, a session opens; if the same user also enters at 02.00 pm a new session is opened. The duration of a session is 30 minutes. You can change the session duration in your domain settings.

Bounce rate​

The Bounce Rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of visitors who leave a website (bounce away) after visiting a single page. This is very important to understand how long your users stay on your website. If you have a landing page (just one page, like "Home Page") you could always see a 100% bounce rate. In order to manage the bounce rate for landing page websites and really understand how much time your users spend on the website, Vantevo offers you 2 possibilities by using Events or Manual Pageview.

Average duration​

This is the average duration of visits on your website. For example, if a visitor visits two pages of which the first for 30 seconds, then changes page and, after another 30 seconds, leaves your website, the duration of stay on the website will be counted as 30 seconds. If two users visit your website and one of them remains only 30 seconds and the other 10, the average duration will be 20 seconds.

Events Page​

Events are a data that allows you to know the type of interactions that users have with your website (for example: the clicks on a button, a PDF download, the login to the website, etc.). All sections are clickable and interactive. In addition, for each section you can view the chart with data. You can filter the dashboard by events and keep track of additional metadata fields (key-value pairs). The main difference with conversion targets is that you check, on a code level, when an event is sent and you can attach metadata.

**overview events statitics**

Total events​

This metric counts the total actions performed on your website.

Total visitors​

They are the total number of all unique visitors who entered your website.

Unique visitors​

It’s the sum of all the unique visitors who performed an action on your website (event).

Unique events​

The total number of all unique events you have set up on your website.

CR - Conversion rate​

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who complete a desired action (a conversion) on the total number of visitors. The formula by which the CR is calculated: total number of visitors who have taken an action / total number of unique visitors * 100.