Compliant with GDPR

Why is Vantevo Analytics the alternative to Google Analytics that respects privacy?

We are in the European Union

Our servers are hosted in the EU and we are based in Italy. This ensures that all data is covered by European Union data privacy laws (GDPR) as well as your site data will remain in the EU.

We only collect the core metrics

If you have used Google Analytics so far, you have analyzed a very large amount of data, often not all useful and even misleading. This huge amount of data is unnecessary, can violate the privacy of web users and is excessive for the vast majority of website owners. This is why we at Vantevo have minimized the collection of data, to make you have all the fundamental metrics of your website, available immediately. With no menu levels, custom reports and dashboards to create. Furthermore, by not tracking any person, all data is aggregated.

There is no need for banner cookies

If you use Google Analytics you will know that it is necessary to prepare an accurate Cookie Policy, to show a banner cookie that visits the user and, above all, you will have to block non-exempt cookies, such as those of Google Analytics itself, before the user gives consent.

With Vantevo you will not have to worry about any of this because you are not tracking any personal data and you will not need to annoy your visitors with specific banners.

How vantevo works without cookies

Vantevo does not use cookies, localstorage or browser cache to store the user’s session. It is not possible to view new and returning users.

Vantevo uses a hash system with a private key that changes every 24 hours, in order to avoid the possibility of linking visitor information overnight. However, it allows us to understand if in the same day, the same visitor has entered the website several times. Deleting the private key, it also removes the possibility that the original IP addresses could be detected in cyber attacks. With the hash function we use some HTTP request information such as `IP`, `User Agent` and other to anonymize the user’s data.

One thing is certain: in our database we do not save any visitor’s personal information or other data that is considered personal in accordance with GDPR.

You own 100% of the data

Con Vantevo, oltre a salvaguardare la privacy dei tuoi visitatori, sei proprietario al 100% dei dati relativi al tuo sito web.

With Vantevo Analytics, in addition to safeguarding the privacy of your visitors, you are 100% owner of the data on your website. With Vantevo we do not make money from advertising, we do not sell your website data to advertising companies or third parties. The information collected is not shared in any way with advertising or monetized companies. The data you will collect is not intended to identify trends and behaviors of your users, but only to understand in a clear and intuitive way how they behave within your site and help you understand how to best set up your digital strategy.

With Vantevo you can take advantage of a 100% Compliant with GDPR service, however, if you save sensitive information about users who visit your site in your database, the responsibility for using the data will be yours. In any case, we recommend that you never save sensitive data relating to your users such as name, surname, email address etc.

Subscription costs

Since our tool is 100% Compliant with GDPR and respects the privacy of your users, we do not and will never make money from your data. The costs of your subscription will be used exclusively to cover the development of our platform to be more and more efficient and improve our service.

We do not track devices and other sites

We do not track which devices people log in or which sites or apps they visit and use. All data refer to a single device and refer to a single day.

Have we convinced you?

Try Vantevo free for 30 days, our script is light and easy to install and you can test it and compare it with the current analytics tool of your website ... the conclusions are up to you!

The most complete and secure Google Analytics alternative

Vantevo is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.

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