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Once configured, events are a data that allows you to know the type of interactions that users have with your website (e.g. clicks on a button, download a PDF, login to the website, etc.). Learn more on how to create an event.

Within this section all the data of your website is displayed compared with the previous period, shown in percentage %. All sections are clickable and interactive. In addition, for each section you can view the chart with data. You can filter the dashboard by events and keep track of additional metadata fields (key-value pairs).


  • Total events counts the total actions performed on your website.

  • Unique visitors is the sum of all unique visitors who have performed an action on your website (event).

  • Unique Events the total number of all unique events you set up on your website.

  • CR - Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who complete a desired action (a conversion) on the total number of visitors. The formula by which the CR is calculated: total number of visitors who have taken an action / total number of unique visitors * 100.