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Thanks to a few simple clicks, you are able to check the progress of your website and get all the necessary information about your customers.

Vantevo is an analytics tool for websites that was created to offer companies, agencies, developers and individual entrepreneurs an analytics tool with a simple and intuitive user interface, easy to understand even for the less experienced.

After creating the account, go to the Settings section for all the steps required for the correct configuration of our tool.

Add your domain

The first step is to enter the full domain name of your website and set the correct timezone. That timezone is an important configuration to get correct information about your visitors. Thanks to this operation, in fact, you are the one who defines the daily limit of your reports, regardless of the geographical origin of your traffic. Our advice is to set the timezone that actually corresponds to your audience.

Add Vantevo script on your site

At this point you are almost there, to activate the monitoring of your site just go to the Settings section, copy the code of the Vantevo script and paste it in the Header of your website. To make sure that you have done this step correctly, the platform guides you to do the appropriate verification that the script works. Still in your Vantevo account, click on the domain name of your website, and if you have done the script insertion procedure correctly, you will see a blinking green dot. This means that the script is up and running!

As you can see, with just a few simple clicks, you are able to monitor the performance of your website and get all the information you need about your customers. For any additional information, visit our guide.

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